Monday, February 25, 2008

Monterey Vaction - Bridge Beyond Beauty

This was another picture taken on our way back from our Monterey Vacation! This was one of my faves. I used the Dynamic-HDR tool for this effect.

It is important to be careful with HDR because you can get a cartoon effect if you go to far. In some of my first attemps you see that.

I enjoy waterscapes and this was one of a few I have taken!

Moments Captured In Time - My Flickr Name


  1. You have posted some really super photographs since I visited last. It is always refreshing to view the work of a photographer who is an unabashed advocate of Photoshop. I think it is perhaps more important than the camera and lenses that one uses.

    I use it quite a bit and would use it more, if I didn't spend so much time editing video.

    Keep up the good work, and I intend to return to view your work frequently!

  2. beautiful area and a beautiful image.