Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photo retouch for beginners!

In this tutorial I’ll show you a few simple and powerfull way to make you photos look different. This tutorial is written for beginners but maybe even some advanced users can find themselves in here.

Remember: This tutorial will show you a few ways you can use when you’re retouching your pictures.

Use this tutorial only for your learning purposes.

1. Our first way will be Curves!

Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Curves (CTRL + M)
Choose a setting what you like the most.
I use input 126 and output 9!

Now, let’s go to step 2 of this tutorial.
2. In this step we will play with layers a little.
So again, open up your image.

Now, copy this layer. As a Layer blending mode set Linear burn and play with the Layer opacity.
I set opacity to 80%.

3. In this step we will use Levels.
Once again, open up your picture.

Now, go to Image -> Adjustments -> Levels (CTRL + L)
Play with a settings untill you get what you want.

Input levels are 115 / 1,30 / 255 !
Output levels are 0 / 255 !

4. This step is we’ll use Gradient Map, and also we will use black and white picture.
This is one way that I’m using a lot. It makes me feel powerfull. I can make beautiful B&W pictures in just a few moments.

Open up your picture! I simply converted in to B&W by going to Image -> Mode -> Grayscale!

Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Gradient Map Choose Black and White as a gradient.

Double click on gradient track and set settings until you get what you want.
I set them Gradient Sloid and Smoothness 100. I set stops black and location %20!

These are four asy steps that everybody should know. Now, you’ve got whole spectre of tools and filtersyou can use, so why stop here? Grab a tool a start mixing, retouching, burning….everything!

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  1. uhm, a useful tutorial, will try it when I will find some time!!