Monday, March 17, 2008

Gary Sinise in The Lt. Dan Band

We got our picture taken with Gary Sinise in the Lt. Dan Band.We went yesterday and got plenty of pictures. I have started posting them on Flickr. For those that don't know who Gary Sinise is, he played Lt Dan in Forest Gump. This is also where the name of the band came from. He also plays in CSI: NY. We had a great time. It was a wonderful show. Catherine danced all through it. It was her first concert. We stayed at the back so it wasn't so loud for her. Joe went up front and took pictures for me. I wanted a picture of her with Gary but she fell asleep before we got up to see him and we could not get her to wake up. Then we got back to the car right after the picture, not even 10 minutes and she woke up all happy and giddy;-)a

Oh yeah, and its Gary Sinise's birthday today. Hes 53 years old. Hes is a good actor. I really like CSI: NY!

I didn't edit this picture because I felt it defeated the purpose of having our picture taken with him.

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