Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Catherine's Birthday

We had Catherine's Birthday back in August. Her birthday is August 22. It was her first Birthday. We had the party looking great. We only had a couple of close friends there. Her cake was lovely and she of course was beautiful. Well, I got the phone call from my dad about my mom being in the hospital and he told me I needed to come home because it did not look good. So I was not paying much attention. She started without us. We tuned around and she was covered in the cake we had sitting on the table. Her face and hands looked like nothing but icing! I grabbed the camera! Who could resist getting pictures of that. It was her cake anyways and her day so it was not such a big deal. Imagine the horror if had been someone else's Birthday party! Ouch! Our theme was Princess everything because of course she is our princess! I managed to get pictures of the cake before it was ruined;-)


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