Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Love Photoshop

I created this piece by using a farm picture of mine and using the black and white effect to make it infrared. Then I used a layer to blend it slightly to a leaner burn. I then used the burn brush on the ground and area around the barn to make it darker. Then I used the dodge brush to make the barn and clouds lighter. I played with the occupancy of these two brushed for the effect making the effect slight.

Then I borrowed images from Deviant Art. I borrowed the moon from priesteres_stock here:

Then I borrowed the lady from SilaynneStock here:

I turned the lady into BW after sizing and removing the background around her. Then I used the infrared effect on her. Pasted her to the picture then used the burn brush on her. This helps her match the mood. Then I used a brush occupancy to 9 and a smaller brush for the red on the barn and ladies dress.

I created fog on the image by creating an empty layer then choosing a very light grey color. I set the brush to dissolve with the occupancy to 30. After I brushed over the parts I wanted fog on I used the Gaussian Blur at occupancy 12.5 .

Now I have my Spooky image.


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