Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Catherine's First Christmas

The Ultimate Santa Shot


1. Beautiful baby girl in a Christmas outfit of you’re choosing!

2. Find a place that has a Santa Clause!

3. A Sony Alpha DSLRA-100 or a digital camera of your choosing!

4. Adobe CS3 Photoshop!

5. WWW.PICNIK.COM For the frame!

6. Relatives to share these photos with!


I took this photo at the Home Store on base here at Twentynine Palms two days before Christmas! I used the Gaussian blur to 3.5 capacities for the background so when people view this photo they will focus mainly on Catherine and Santa! This is important when you are taking pictures of people!

Then I enhanced the colors by using Adobe CS3! I went to adjustments and then match color! Then I used the enhance tool. I used it to my liking. Everyone is a bit different!

Then I used the Gaussian blur to capacity 13.5 then went to edit in the menu. I used Fade Gaussian Blur! I went to overlay at capacity 40! This was too dark!

So I mage a layer and used the Blending Option Screen! I used this at capacity 50.

I saved image!

Then I went to
where I got my frame! This is always optional! Some like it and some don't.

Anyway! This is what I did to this image! It was just a few enhancements but I like the results better. Catherine smiles all the time! It is hard to get her to smile behind the camera. One of us always has to get her to smile while the other is behind the camera. Sometimes it takes a while and can be a real job! She is a happy baby! I think the camera just confuses her!

This is a good idea for a gift for the relatives! Take some Christmas Pictures! Find that perfect holiday card and Walla instant Christmas Present! You can never have too many pictures. Our parents are always asking for pictures of Catherine. Why pay hundreds of Dollars for pictures when you can do it yourself and they look just as good or even better! This was our present for everyone this year. Of course we bought gifts for the kids in our family. We have a lot of kids in our family though!

Believe it or not it took four hours to find this Santa. We waited two days before Christmas to take these pictures! It was well worth the search. We got that perfect picture and Catherine looked just like a baby doll! I think kids make the holidays what they are.

I know it is late but I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday!

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  1. What a cute and happy Baby! You captured the essence of the moment very good!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog too and thanks for the compliment about my talent.

    I'm doing photography now since more than 35 years and should know in the meantime what I'm doing....LOL...right? And I'm a certified Pro, early retired.... a long life, in short words. I like your photos!:-)

    Nice to meet you!