Sunday, March 27, 2011

For Pay Per Post!

Why does a charge disrupt the varying mystic?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Old Barn

I created this from an old barn picture I had that I took right here in NC. I used the HDR method of course. Then I used some burning, dodging, and blending for this effect. I enhanced the red and yellow. I also used a grey layer for the clouds. Here is my result. I love North Carolina.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All My Photos on Explore

I will post as I find out what ranking they are on expore: I am note sure. Scout is confusing. Not sure if it is descrepencies or what:

Look under Explore! Right now I have 21 photos on there;-)


Check out my set here

I Love Photoshop

I created this piece by using a farm picture of mine and using the black and white effect to make it infrared. Then I used a layer to blend it slightly to a leaner burn. I then used the burn brush on the ground and area around the barn to make it darker. Then I used the dodge brush to make the barn and clouds lighter. I played with the occupancy of these two brushed for the effect making the effect slight.

Then I borrowed images from Deviant Art. I borrowed the moon from priesteres_stock here:

Then I borrowed the lady from SilaynneStock here:

I turned the lady into BW after sizing and removing the background around her. Then I used the infrared effect on her. Pasted her to the picture then used the burn brush on her. This helps her match the mood. Then I used a brush occupancy to 9 and a smaller brush for the red on the barn and ladies dress.

I created fog on the image by creating an empty layer then choosing a very light grey color. I set the brush to dissolve with the occupancy to 30. After I brushed over the parts I wanted fog on I used the Gaussian Blur at occupancy 12.5 .

Now I have my Spooky image.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Two More Photos Hit Explore

Here are two more that are on explore in my Flickr page. It is weird because my Explore Scout keeps changing photos in explore. As soon as I see a photo it scout then in a few days it disappears. It keeps changing

This is number 144 on explore.

This is number 284 on explore.

You can find the information on these pictures here as of today!

The Night of the Living Dead

Last night I was into dark mode. I used my pictures to create zombies. They look morbid and scary but it shows my creativity. I downloaded different brushes for photoshop to create these effect. I used Adobe CS4 to create these creepy Zombie images. Then I used skull pics off the Internet for the skull effect in some of these pictures. This was my result. It is a little out there for some people but I like how they came out. These can also be good for Halloween pictures. This is my own work on pictures that I took myself.

You can also find them on my "I Dead People Set", here on Flickr!